Mrs. Erickson has been teaching the harp for more than 20 years and continues to be thrilled by the challenge of guiding each student toward his or her full potential as a harpist. Lessons are given to adults and youth with these criteria in mind:

  • A full-sized lever harp or pedal harp must be available for daily practice
  • At least 2 years of piano lessons is recommended prior to beginning study on the harp, although exceptions can be made
  • An age of 9 (4th grade) is typically a good beginning age for formal study

Mrs. Erickson’s teaching philosophy is student centered at its core, as opposed to technique centered, but her harp training and teaching are rooted in the Salzedo method.  She has trained harpists who have gone on to study at the collegiate level and beyond, and her experience teaching music within the school setting has and will continue to enhance her ability to collaborate effectively with school and community ensembles.

For more detailed information on teaching philosophy, harp procurement, parent/student recommendations, or to set up an initial parent/student/teacher interview, please contact Mrs. Erickson directly at (515) 729-2013.